Victoria C. Dickerson - Who Cares What You're Supposed to Do?

from the publisher:
Have you hit a quarter-life crisis? Is the Big 3-0 looming large? Are you hearing from friends, family, and everyone around you that you're "supposed to":

--Have a fabulous career
--Be financially independent
--Be married with children
--Have your own home
--Enjoy a busy social life
--Have a great body
--AND do it all right?

You are not alone. Women in their twenties and early thirties face greater pressure to succeed than ever before. And those who don't "have it all" can be left feeling guilty, full of doubt, and resentful.

In Who Cares What You're Supposed to Do?, nationally acclaimed clinical psychologist Victoria Dickerson lifts the pressure to "fit in" by showing you how to:

Decide what you -- rather than society, family, or friends -- really want out of life
Say "no" to self-doubt -- and diminish its power over you
Challenge the cultural expectations that pressure you to conform
Acknowledge and take pride in your unique abilities and accomplishments
Create a support community that shares your values and accentuates your strengths

Who Cares What You're Supposed to Do? shows women how to put pressures and expectations into perspective and see them as the wonderful options and opportunities they can be.