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Site statistics

The following stats are combined for 2think.org, lds-mormon.com, and Honest Intellectual Inquiry. 2think.org came online in August of 1998; lds-mormon.com made its debut very late in December of 1999.

Month 1997*1998*1999*2000*2001*
Jan. 20,216 142,207 185,491 285,366 582,304
Feb. 37,036 128,045 191,376 342,682 584,879
Mar. 49,398150,692199,858409,808717,098
Apr. 52,879150,179193,742471,819703,535
May 56,936152,409209,507427,485938,239
June61,535 125,191197,548438,106848,301
July 77,012128,467235,255426,052764,063
Aug. 94,926144,183238,864458,078749,665
Oct.122,565164,120279,547608,175New Stats
Dec. 126,314184,109258,196534,285________

* Stats are based on recorded, uncached, graphical, full-page loads.
Raw hits, including partial page loads, and unrecorded loads, may average more than twice the above numbers [an error occurred while processing this directive]