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Posted: March 28, 1998.
Updated: June 1, 1998

Dear friends in Christ Jesus,

May 31, 1998 came and went and nothing happened.

This letter is not easy for me to write. I'm devastated that the Rapture did not happen on this day. My head is spinning in confusion, and I'm dismayed. No individual wants to admit that he made a mistake, but I have. I'm telling you that I made a very big mistake. I admit it. I'm not running away from my responsibility.

Please hear me out.

My intentions were never to deceive, nor to give false hope, or false security. My intentions were pure and done out of love. I'm a Christian who deeply desires to see our Lord and Savior. I also wanted others to desire that too and to make themselves ready for His return. After much reading and studying I truly believed and was convinced that we would be gathered together by our Lord on Pentecost Day, May 31, 1998. I took that belief and applied it to the Bible Codes to see if that event was encoded. I thought that a Gregorian date was a valid entry. It was NOT. I know that now. I guess I was trying to make the date fit.

I can not right this situation but I would like to try. I first want to apologize. I truly am deeply sorry in suggesting Christ's return on Pentecost. Second, I want to encourage everyone not to loose hope. Jesus Christ is that hope. It is Him that we desire to see, not some date on a calendar that comes and goes. Continue to seek Him out. I know that a great many of you are upset and hurt. Again, I am sorry. But please think of that day as a practice run.

On that day I fasted. I prayed with great passion and excitement as never before. I prayed for many others. I praised and thanked the Lord with tears of joy for all that he has done. I went about my daily duties in great anticipation, patiently waiting and hoping. The day came and went. Disappointment, confusion, great hurt, and horror followed. After some time and quiet thinking, I realized that I had to turn to Jesus and ask for forgiveness, reassurance, and comfort. I received it.

That day was lived with great zeal. I'm going to carry that zeal over to the rest of the days I have left before He calls me up to Heaven whenever that day is. Yes I still believe He will Rapture away His Bride before the tribulation starts.

Thirdly, I'm going to put away my pen, keyboard, computer, and especially the Bible Code software. I've misused a great gift, the Bible Codes. I feel that the Bible Codes are a beautiful gift from God revealing His power and greatness. I'm not worthy or spiritually mature to touch such a gift again. I've done enough damage. I think it is best if I leave it alone or for others to work on. I plan to stop, pray, meditate on God's words and listen to what God's will is for my life at this time. Stepping back, I can clearly see now that what I've done, I've done out of my own will, not God's. I thought it would be encouraging to others and make them get right with God. Again my intentions were never to deceive, nor to give false hope, or false security. My intentions were pure and out of love for others.

Yes, it is humiliating and embarrassing to have your name on flawed work, but I feel strongly that others can and should learn something from my mistakes. What I've learned:

  • Use the Hebrew calendar (Hebrew dates) only.
  • Never stray from the surface text's theme, topic, or subject when looking for encoded words - there should be a relationship between the two = text & encoded word.
  • Concentrate on past or present events, topics or subjects.

I would like to apologize to God Himself, His angels in Heaven, and to all those who placed their hopes in what I've suggested to be our Lord and Saviour's date of return to Rapture us away. I'm sorry. I seek your forgiveness, mercy, and your prayers.

Your friend in Jesus Christ

Peter Hader

P.S. This small message goes out to the vicious, vial, and vulgar individuals who threw their stones [words] at me. You're truly the salt of the Earth - salt meant to be walked on. Before you start using that kind of language examine yourselves to see if you are blameless and spotless of sin. What you have written, is not constructive criticism, but destructive. If you have nothing good or constructive to say keep your mouth shut. I never claimed to be a prophet. So don't call me a false prophet. Just a misguided Christian.

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