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Freethought Links

Atheism, Agnosticism and Humanism

The Secular Web - Expand your mind

Reserve your pew in the Agnostic Church

Council for Secular Humanism

Walk Away - Support for ex-fundamentalists

Page of Honest Intellectual Inquiry - Deep thoughts by an ex-mormon

American Atheists - News and resources for the atheist

North Texas Church of Freethought - the Church for the Unchurched


CSICOP and the Skeptic's Society - Excellent Skeptical magazines

Rational Examination Association of Lincoln Land

The bane of purveyors of quackery everywhere is James Randi

The Australian Skeptics - Rational thinking from the land of the Koala

Donald Simanek's Page

Evolution and Creation

The World of Richard Dawkins

The Talk.Origins Archive

American Association for the Advancement of Science

No Answers in Genesis

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