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Michael Martin - The Big Domino In The Sky And Other Atheistic Tales

Incorporating material from his acclaimed technical works, Michael Martin demonstrates that well-reasoned skeptical positions don't need to be presented in dry, philosophical prose. Instead, this defense of atheism is written in the form of science fiction, historical fiction, and fantasy that will arouse, provoke, and inspire the reader. The stories in The Big Domino In The Sky And Other Atheistic Tales reveal the fallacies of traditional arguments for the existence of God and the improbability of God's existence given the evil in the universe. Defending a secular approach to morality, they expose the difficulties of religion-based ethics and the social evils engineered by organized religions, in a way that will delight and entertain. The individual stories are divided among four sections: Beginnings, God-Fall, God-Doubt, and God-Rejection.

Michael Martin is a professor of philosophy at Boston University and a skillful, articulate storyteller.

Table of Contents

The Preacher with No Name
Letters from Lois
Are You an Atheist and Don't Know It?
An Interview with Gustav Miller
Did I Cause Smerdyakov's Suicide?
Miller's Inferno
Howard's Prologue
Which God, Oh Lord?
The Sermon on the Hill
The Big Domino in the Sky
Mary and the Creators
So You Wanna See God?
The Miracle Sleuth
Frenchy's Con
Dear Mom
The Sermon by the Sea
Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary
The Death of Beneficent Ben
God for a Day!
The Free Will Improvement Project
The Satanic Curses
Sergeant Allen and Professor Hick
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