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Reasons for creating these pages

If you haven't already done so, please take a moment to read the introduction to these pages.

Frequently site visitors will email me with the question, "What are your reasons for creating and maintaining these pages?" This page is a brief attempt to explain some of those reasons.

Originally, the page (and there was only one--just the bibliography with reviews although all of the reviews and bibliography were on the same page) was just for a few questioning Mormon internet friends and myself to share resources. Nobody knew about it except maybe a dozen people. There were no links to the page, and it was not included in any of the search engines.

Then I began to feel a bit guilty as I pulled further away from Mormon and Christian orthodoxy because I wished then (and still do) that I had this information available for myself years ago. (Some of it was available, but I had no idea how to get a hold of it and to be perfectly honest--I didn't know most existed). Had I had access to this information years ago, it would have saved me much money, time, and energy that I could have used for something far more worthwhile. I eventually allowed various people to start linking to the web site so that others may have the chance to decide what to believe on their own and to think for themselves.

Another reason is that maintaining these web pages was therapeutic at the time. (I no longer add much to lds-mormon.com or even think much about the LDS faith.) I thoroughly enjoyed searching for information that may be as useful to others as it was for me years ago.

A final reason, which I didn't realize would happen when I began the pages, is that I receive email from others who have read excellent books who then suggest the book to me. Some of the books on the list that have been referred to me via email like Atlas Shrugged or The Demon-Haunted World are what I now consider to be some of the best books that I've ever read.

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