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>>> ... Enough books were published in the 19th century to completely debunk the Bible, but the problem was that few people knew about them. Libraries wouldn't stock them, bookstores wouldn't stock them, and preachers certainly wouldn't mention them in their sermons. In this respect, very little has changed, but now it doesn't matter if libraries won't stock books detrimental to religious beliefs. ... [the author is here referring to the fact that the internet will have a significant impact on destroying myths since information will be readily available to all who have internet access]<<<

Yes, libraries have often been negligent about collecting such books. But at least when we catalog Bibles, we give them a call number that starts with "BS". I've always thought that this is wonderfully appropriate (well, obviously not "always", but at least since I became a librarian, which was after becoming an ex-tian). I wonder whether assigning Bibles to the "BS" section was intentional. [an error occurred while processing this directive]