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Kurt Dahlgren “The Battle”

In this diverse world of harmony and contrast,
So often I feel, like a young lonely outcast.
Some live in a world of security and seclusion,
Preaching to all, the eternal illusion.
That fate is predestined, in God only we trust,
so we shed faith in ourselves and yield to the musts.
And though, little by little, we witness the flaw,
the current defies our attempts to withdraw.
But try as we might, to conform and obey,
inside us we know, we must find our own way.
So we tell of a need, to be different and free,
to discover the stars, and the oceans, and trees.
We hope for a pardon, with joint understanding,
knowing that if we fall, of the unpleasant landing.
But our yearnings are met with resistance and warning,
they leave us at night, but return in the morning.
And though we say people are so full of divisions,
yet still they insist to debate our decisions.
But finally one day, when the winter is ended,
the sun shines abroad, and the bondage is rended.
I try to explain, with my heart and my soul,
"My God is a being, not hot and not cold.
Though to seek him," I say, "is my ultimate goal,
I prefer the battle with the wolf,
to the safety of the fold."

Kurt Dahlgren (while a BYU student) [an error occurred while processing this directive]