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"Take pride in being yourself. Envy no one; copy no one. Rejoice in your original looks, talents, feelings, and thoughts... Listen to others, read widely, and heed counsel; but do your own thinking, draw your own conclusions, speak your own words, determine your own actions." -- Lowell L. Bennion
The following are for the most part from the above mentioned newsgroups. This is obviously not a comprehensive archive of either newsgroup. I've merely plucked a few of the more intelligent messages. Names and email addresses have been removed except where the author requested that I leave their name and/or email address in the message.
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"To Latter-day Saints there can be no objection to the careful and critical study of the scriptures, ancient or modern, provided only that it be an honest study--a search for truth." -
Apostle John A. Widtsoe as quoted in "The Word of God" (page 265)
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