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Thomas Paine - Age of Reason

"Science is the true theology" -- Thomas Paine (as quoted in Emerson: The Mind on Fire page 153)

"...The Age of Reason was written between 1792-1795 while Paine was in prison for his opposition to the execution of Louis XIV." (The book) a wholesale attack on the Bible and on Christianity, written in deliberately flippant, and thus shocking style. It takes the deist point of view, epitomized by Paine's statement 'I believe in one God, and no more'... Paine condemned the Old Testament as being filled with "obscene stories and voluptuous debaucheries"; the New Testament was inconsistent and the Virgin Birth "hearsay upon hearsay." Encyclopedia of Censorship, Jonathon Green pg. 3-4

"I never tire of reading Paine!"
-- Abraham Lincoln

"Others can rule, many can fight, but only Thomas Paine can write for us the English tongue!"
-- Benjamin Franklin

"With his name left out, the history of liberty cannot be written"
-- Robert G. Ingersoll

"I consider Paine to be our greatest political thinker!"
-- Thomas A. Edison

"How many Americans know that Tom Paine inspired the Declaration of Independence? Not many, you may be sure. Tom Paine was the forerunner of Abraham Lincoln. He called for the abolition of Negro slavery in 1775, long before Lincoln was born. Paine stood for universal education and for free schools for all children. Paine believed that women should be classed as men's equals in human affairs as early as 1775. He was born a century before the world was prepared to accept and cherish his conceptions of human freedom and the rights of mankind. That is why his name has been blackened all these years. We often hear of people coming too late, but it is equally disastrous to come too soon."
-- W.E. Woodward

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