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Ron Clark - The Excellent 11

from the publisher:
When The Essential 55 was published, Ron Clark became a tireless promoter, traveling the country to speak to large groups of teachers and fans. And when his Oprah appearance shot the book onto the New York Times bestseller list, he kept the heat on. We can expect the same tenacious commitment to promoting his follow-up book, The Excellent 11.

The Excellent 11 contains eleven sections with each one focusing on a theme directly related to teaching and raising children. Ron Clark draws from his own experience to give advice, telling personal stories that demonstrate the significance of each theme within the learning environment -- an environment that extends beyond the classroom and into the larger world. Using themes ranging from Adventure, Ingenuity, and Humor to Dedication, Creativity, and Love, Clark provides a road map for both parents and teachers who want to enrich their children's learning experiences.

The Excellent 11 themes include:

Adventure -- Traveling with children, including the top places for field trips in America as well as how parents can turn the summer vacation into an educational excursion.
Ingenuity -- Teaching kids to think independently and to use Common Sense Strategies, which shows kids how to answer their own questions by using resources within their reach. Also included is a section on finding grants, scholarships, and summer camps for kids.
Enthusiasm -- Make education fun with the 100 inspiring and exciting books that parents MUST have their children read (from 1st to 12th grade). Included are tips for both parents and teachers on motivating uninterested students.
Dedication -- Ron's list of 10 things parents can do in the home and teachers can do in the classroom in order to stay on top of their children's educational journey.
Intelligence -- Kids need wisdom for life. In this section, Ron focuses on real-life skills, such as how the stock market works and how to prepare, pay for, and choose a college. Also included is information on the SAT/ACT and the No Child Left Behind Act. This section contains what all teachers and parents need to know and should be doing. [an error occurred while processing this directive]