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Autographed The Scouting Report: 1983

We have arrived, at last, to the final page of this website. We'll start it off with a couple of the more pretty signatures in the book. The Chicken had a nice signature for someone in a mascot suit who couldn't really see what he was doing while wearing a yellow glove on his hand. Kurt Bevacqua has one of the coolest signatures around, too, to go with one of the coolest baseball cards ever.

the famous chicken ted giannoulas kurt bevacqua

Steve Garvey wins the award for having more of his "Probable Hit Locations" field shaded in than anyone else.

Tim Flannery Steve Garvey

No one thought Tony Gwynn would have a Hall of Fame career at the end of 1982. I remember hosting a table at a baseball card show early in 1983. Someone who knew more than the rest of us went through all of my commons and purchased about 30 Tony Gwynn rookie cards for about $.03 each. Rats!

Tony Gwynn Ruppert Jones

Eric Show was one of the nicest players I ever met. The entire Padres team was very good about signing actually. They, along with the Astros, were my favorite teams to get signatures from. What happened to Show a decade later was a complete surprise to me. I would have never guessed it.

Luis Salazar Eric Show

Finally, we have Renie Martin who, after reading his scouting report profile, makes a mark next to the comment that he isn't anything special as a baserunner. I'm not sure if Martin thought that line was funny or simply disagreed but didn't want to deface my book too much by crossing the line out.

Renie Martin Milt May

I hope you have enjoyed this brief preview of some of the 500+ autographs in this book. I also have The Scouting Report: 1984 (about 50% autographed) and The Scouting Report: 1985 (about 30% autographed), but this site took more than the few hours I anticipated to put up so the other autographed books probably won't see time on the internet. None are for sale. Sorry. There are just too many memories in them for me. But if you would like to purchase some of my duplicate autographs see this page.

If you know someone who will enjoy seeing these signatures and reading my story feel free to let them know about this site by clicking here.

The End.

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