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Baseball Card Starter Lots

The following lots consist of 100 different cards in Nrmt-Mint condition. These aren't common lots! No stars, rookies, semi-stars, or multi-player cards have been pulled. Basically, I'm just trying to get rid of all my duplicates.

Ask about pre-81 cards. If you are interested in a potpourri of years, (like 10 cards from every year between 1973 and 1993) I can put together a package for you.

1981 Topps (includes Ryan, Raines RC, Winfield, Jackson, Carew, Seaver, Whitaker, etc.) (Book value over $40)--Only $16!!!

1981 Topps traded--book value over $25--Only $13.

1981 Donruss--Book value over $15--Only $8.

1981 Fleer--Book value over $15--Only $8.

1982 Fleer--Book value over $15--Only $8.

1982 Topps--Book value over $15--Only $8.

1982 Donruss--Book value over $15--Only $8.

1983 Donruss--Book value over $15--Only $8.

1995 Bazooka--Book value over $7--Only $4.

1995 Bazooka Red Hot--8 different including Maddux, Ripken, Belle, Gwynn, etc.--Only $9.

1995 Bowman--Book value over $28--Only $15.

1995 DIII--9 cards including Griffey--Only $5.

1995 Stadium Club--Book value over $15--Only $7.

1995 Topps Traded--Book value over $14--Only $7.

1996 Stadium Club--Book value over $15--Only $8.

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