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1996 Finest 2 Baseball Cards

I have a few boxes of 1996 Finest 2 Baseball Cards left in stock and here is a brief rundown of what the set offers.

The set includes 168 cards. Series 1 was broken down into 4 theme sets. Series 2 will also be broken down into 4 theme sets--Franchises, Additions, Prodigies, & Sterling. There are 144 cards per Hobby box.

The cards have a similar distribution as Series 1. There are Commons, Uncommons, and Rare cards with the same odds as Series 1 for pulling each kind of card. Unlike some Series 2 sets, these Series 2 Finest cards include cards of players featured in Series 1 like Ripken, Gwynn, Thomas, etc.

GOLD Players include: Chipper Jones, Hideo Nomo, Ryan Klesko, Roberto Alomar, Randy Johnson, etc.

SILVER Players include: Greg Maddux, Ken Griffey Jr., Derek Jeter, Ryne Sandberg, etc.

You should get at least 2 refractors per box. Topps has announced that production of the Gold Refractors will be less than 150!

I'm offering Hobby boxes of these for only $80 each plus postage. Buy my last 2 boxes and the price drops to only $79 per box postage paid!!

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