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1999 Bowman Baseball Cards - Series 2

The set includes 440 cards. Series 2 has 220 cards. There are 216 regular cards per Hobby box plus 24 parallel cards (10 cards per pack).

Players featured in Series 2 include Sosa, Garciaparra, A. Rod, Jeter, Clemens, and the best rookies the minor leagues will offer up in the next few years (including Dunn, Hamilton, Furcal, Hudson, Soriano, Burroughs and many more!).

Inserts include a complete international parallel set, a Bowman Gold parallel set, 2000 Rookie of the Year Favorites, Early Risers, Autographs, foils and more.

I only have six boxes remaining at $83 each plus postage. First paid, first reserved. These cards are guaranteed by Topps (they will buy the regular cards back @ $125 per regular set which means that even if the set doesn't go up in value, like it always has in the past, you can keep the inserts and still come very close to breaking even by selling the set(s) back to Topps).

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