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...when we had finished [our bedtime prayers] I climbed on father's chair to kiss him good night. He asked quizzically, "What was that you were saying about bread?"
"Why, that was in the Lord's Prayer, 'Give us this day our daily bread'"
"Who were you talking to?"
"To God."
"Is God a baker?"
I was shocked. Nevertheless, I rallied to the attack and replied as best I could... "No, of course not. It means the rain, the sunshine, and all the things to make the wheat, which makes the bread."
"Well, well," he replied, "so that's the idea. Then why don't you say so? Always say what you mean, my daughter, it is much better."
Thereafter I began to question what I had previously taken for granted and to reason for myself. It was not pleasant, but father had taught me to think...
- Margaret Sanger
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